Friday, October 28, 2011

Koi is a Kool Restaurant

Koi is a cool restaurant for several reasons. Nick Haque opened Koi to be not just a restaurant to eat food, but a full dining experience. Everything from the decorations to the people that hang out there makes the restaurant very trendy. However, Koi's trendiness is not just a fad. In fact, it has been a hot spot for many years. Many celebrities hang out there and are regulars to Koi. In fact, Michael Buble even mentioned it as his favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. Koi is decorated with a beautiful zen vibe that makes everyone that dines there feel relaxed and at home.

Another thing that is very cool about Koi is the food of course! The food at Koi will raise your bar for dining in Los Angeles. You will be craving the food again and again. It is just completely amazing and delicious. Some favorites are the spicy tuna with crispy rice and the lobster tacos. One thing I really love about Koi is the Skinny Menu. The Skinny Menu is fabulous because it provides a great way to stay on your diet when eating out. The dishes on the skinny menu are full of flavor and under 300 calories.

Furthermore, Koi is an amazing restaurant because it is committed to charitable causes. These causes include raising money for the earthquake in Japan and also raising money for victims of famine in Africa.

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