Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get the Skinny on Koi

If you are looking for a restaurant for a special occasion, but don't want to eat a million calories where should you go? There are many restaurants that offer delicious food, but also have food that is very rich and fattening. Maybe you want to eat somewhere that is a little on the lighter side, but still delicious and completely satisfying. If you go to Koi you have come to the right place. Nick Haque Koi is available in many locations including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and even Bangkok. This restaurant is a favorite of dieting celebrities for a good reason. This reason is the Nick Haque's Koi offers the famous Skinny Menu. This great menu offers many food and beverage choices that are under 300 calories. There are not many restaurants where you can find a great selection of healthy options for under 300 calories. Next time you are looking for a wonderful restaurant but want to stay health conscious, consider Koi. Koi is one of the most highly rated restaurants and offers a great selection of light low calorie options!

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