Thursday, November 10, 2011

Slim Drinks at Koi

The Koi Skinny Menu is one of the many great things about the Koi restaurants. However, many people don't even think about the calories they drink. Those fancy cocktails are also packed with tons of unnecessary calories that can ruin your game plan of eating light. But have no fear, Koi's skinny drinks are here to save the day! That's right, Nick Haque and the people behind the menu at Koi think of everything. Koi offers some low calorie drinks that are so delicious and refreshing, you would have ordered them even if you weren't counting calories. The citrus slim-tini is one of my favorites and it only has 145 calories. The Pom Springs is another terrific martini of vodka, pomegranate juice, agave and soda water. Be sure to check out all the great low calorie dishes on the skinny menu as well. For instance the lettuce wraps are especially crave-worthy!

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