Friday, June 24, 2011

Flower Inspired Drinks at Nick Haque Koi

There are many delicious ingredients that go into various drinks at Nick Haque Koi. From chocolate to fruit to wasabi, Koi's bartenders are very creative in the combination and presentation with their drinks. There is a new trend in New York when it comes to drinks. Not only are flowers popping up outside, but they are also showing up in the cocktails of New York bars. Did you know some flowers are edible? If you are wondering which flowers fall into this category check out the following choices: Elderflower and Violet, Lavender, and Hibiscus. These are just some of the popular choices for flower inspired beverages. Of course, for those who prefer a more traditional alcoholic beverage those options are available at Koi too. Just tell the bartender what you like and he will probably be able to make it for you. One of the bartenders at Koi, Ben Waclaw spoke to the New York Post about the recent flower craze. He said that it is common to have different types of herbs on the menus at restaurants. However, he elaborated that it is the floral additions that get people talking.

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