Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Dined at Nick Haque Koi

Country stars Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill were recently spotted dining at Nick Haque Koi with their family. These two singers are not the only celebrities to be spotted at Koi. Stars are constantly being spotted at the West Hollywood location of this delicious restaurant. For anyone hoping to see a celebrity in Los Angeles, once again this proves that Koi is a hot spot for siting the rich and famous. This is why you will often see a row of paparazzi camped out outside Koi restaurant ready to flash their cameras away at celebrities leaving the restaurant. Koi became extremely popular with celebrities due to its unique and creative Japanese fusion menu, its calm and inviting zen inspired decor, and its welcoming and outstanding staff. Koi makes all of its customers feel like celebrities. The restaurant is extremely popular and trendy and a place to be seen. The crave worthy items on the menu are what keep people coming back again and again. It is no surprise that customers crave the spicy tuna with crispy rice, and albacore with crispy onions, and the baked crab handroll among other dishes. Koi is a complete experience from the food to the ambiance.

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