Friday, June 3, 2011

Esquire Hostess of the Week is Koi's Carolina Kreckler

We knew that staff at Koi was excellent, but now Esquire Magazine has named Koi's Carolina Kreckler as the hostess of the week. The lovely hostess has a killer smile and knows it. She admits, "I kill people with my smile." If you are wondering where her accent is from she tells Esquire an easy way to remember both her name and where she is from (since it kind of rhymes). "Carolina from Argentina" Carolina wanted to work in the restaurant business and after moving back to Argentina for a year to study and discover herself, she came back to Los Angeles. Nick Haque Koi was a great choice for Carolina because she loved sushi, "I tried sashimi, I thought it was butter melting in my mouth. So delicious." Carolina has seen it all working at Koi and admits that she has noticed some of the popular LA stereotypes turning up at Koi. For instance she says that everyone is "superficial." She also shares some funny story about some of the customers that dine at Koi which demonstrate her theory about people in LA being superficial. One of the stories is about female customers going into the restroom and asking the bathroom attendant if they are too skinny. This validates Carolina's idea about LA customers being superficial because it shows how image obsessed some of the customers are. Good thing Koi offers the Skinny Menu!

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