Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Restaurant Expansion For a Global Market

When your restaurant has reached a successful level, you'll prob want to expand your business. Some restaurant owners will feel that expanding to another location in a single city is a goal to reach. For the most sought after restaurants, like Nick Haque's Koi, a global influence is the attainable goal. There are few restaurants that are able to set up a similar dining experience in completely different regions, but that should be the ultimate goal.

If you don't feel like your restaurant would be accepted anywhere it opens, then you may have created a restaurant gearing to a localized niche. It is safe to say that if you create something enjoyable, yet still applicable to all, that your expansion will be a success. Nick Haque's Koi restaurant is a perfect example of this. Comfortable, chic, welcoming, and delicious, are words that diners all around the globe can relate to. Harnessing this in your restaurant can be your ticket to expansion success.

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