Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lounges and Restaurants Can Live Together In Harmony

To simultaneously create a successful lounge and restaurant is no easy task. How do you cater to the people who want to mingle and the people who want to dine at the same time? Nick Hawk's Koi restaurant seems to tackle this feat seamlessly. When trying to create an atmosphere of the happening place to be, it makes sense that a restaurant would be a lounge, but combining the two seems like it wouldn't work.

The key is in making sure that the diners feel separate from the fun, if desired, but can also be a part of the action just as quickly. If you make sure that each diner can feel comfortable in their booth, then you can ensure that they won't feel intruded on when people walk to the lounge. Likewise, giving the opportunity to walk to the lounge is a successful idea itself.

Nick Hawk's Koi restaurant will show you how to successfully combine a lounge and restaurant. The key for him is understanding his audience. He is trying to cater to diners who want the capability to go meet new people at the lounge when they are done with their meal. They know that they will feel comfortable and secluded while dining, but can just as easily hang with the people in the lounge. This element gives Koi its appeal.

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