Thursday, September 17, 2009

How is a Restaurant Successful

I was wondering how restaurants like Koi are so successful. It may have something to do with the owner, in this case Nick Haque. There must be a clear vision that people have for their restaurant. Using Koi as an example, you can see a clear vision for success.

The well respected clientele will help with the success of the restaurant. It's one thing if people are attending an opening party, but if highly respected individuals frequent a restaurant, they must be doing something right. So it seems that the clientele is a result of success and in some ways vice versa.

Atmosphere has not always been the key to a good restaurant. Apparently these days it's very important. Koi creates something that is comfortable, welcoming, and thrills the senses. The diners are made to feel like they belong there. So having a welcoming environment is another clear attribute.

It seems that if this restaurant was a lounge it would do well. However, food is still a big reason why people go to a restaurant. This restaurant can appeal to everything including sense of taste. It seems that Nick Hawk, the owners pseudonym, really figured out the elements to success.

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